Amore Fiori are floral art designers and will translate your aesthetic vision for your wedding day into luscious arrangements full of beauty and fragrance creating the ultimate sensory experience.

At Amore Fiori, wedding flowers are our thing and your wedding floral designs are our sole priority. Our exclusive focus is achieving your vision whilst incorporating your individual style in designing your wedding floral art to evoke nature with seasonal reverence.

Amore Fiori will style your wedding flowers to create a unique floral palette, highlighting the sensuality and theme of your personal aspiration, whether it’s Boho, Vintage, Sophisticated, Romantic Elegance, Whimsical, Beach, Rustic, or Hollywood Glam. We will conceptualize your bouquets, ceremony, and reception blooms to create a stunning atmosphere with fabulous blooms from simple to spectacular.

Whilst we would love to have every flower in season all year round, some specific, spectacular and less common flowers are seasonal, and the seasons play a huge part in the availability of specific types, quantities and colours of the blooms you may want for your wedding. At Amore Fiori, we will seek alternatives if the seasons are not in your favour and style the perfect wedding day blooms. 

Choosing a bouquet can sometimes can be difficult, what flowers go with which, what colours etc. But we are here to help inspire you to choose the blooms that will compliment your wedding and style perfectly. 

Bouquets come in many styles, the traditional ones are:
Classic Posy  is small enough to be held in the hand featuring a mix of greener and mostly flowers in a round shape wrapped with ribbon around the stems. Recently, these bouquets have been altered to be larger and are very popular for the modern bride.
Round Bouquets  are formed into perfect domes traditionally using the same flower type making them monochromatic. However, round shape bouquets also look just as beautiful featuring many different flowers and colours.  
Nosegay is similar to the posy bouquet in that it emphasises greenery. This works well with bridesmaids as they are less dramatic to the bride.
Cascade Bouquet  is dramatic and features a waterfall of flowers that drapes downwards. It’s better suited for a strong floral style with the wedding gown and accessories simple making the bouquet the feature.
Arm Sheath is a stunning chic alternative style, with longer stems so the bouquet can be cradled in the brides arm and can be as elaborate or simple as you like.
Pomander Bouquet  is a perfectly round spheres of blooms with a ribbon from the top for carrying.  Excellent for the flower girl and/or suspended along the aisle.
Wrist or Flower Bracelet Bouquet is small and is a style for the bride and/or the bridesmaids to have freedom with their hands.

Or just create your own style which has become alot more popular these days. Everyone has their own style and your wedding blooms should reflect the personality of the bride and groom and less then that of tradition. We love these new age bouquets the best, because they allow us to create works of art to impress. :)  

DID YOU KNOW? It is thought that a bridal bouquet originated from centuries ago when people infrequently bathed... eww!
Flowers were held to cover embarrassing odour on their wedding day, and  some bouquets were even made from pungent herbs, spices & garlic to ward off evil spirits serving 2 purposes. Not today luckily, blooms are more for aesthetic purposes.


A wedding cake is symbolic of the wedding celebrations. Cakes can be grand, simple, classic, or completely different created with your own style and flare. Fresh living flowers are a perfect touch to any cake decoration, so why not add some floral beauty to your cake to tie in with the rest of your theme?

What better way to create simple class than to decorate your cake with living blooms?

DID YOU KNOW? The symbolisim of the wedding cake began back in ancient Roman times, where wedding bread or cake was broken over the bride's head by the groom to symbolise his power over her and to bring good fortune and fertility. This same good fortune also passed onto the guests who ate it. As the tradition evolved, it changed to a cake rather than bread and has now become a symbol of celebration and a dessert to share amongst the guests.  

The wedding reception is our favourite part of wedding floral styling. From the extravagant to the simple, we believe that it its with flowers that a wedding reception becomes perfect. Styling your reception and tables with fresh and fragrant floral creations are our forte. The sky is the limit with wedding reception table and room styling, from statement ceiling hung flowers and massive table centrepieces to soft and simple pieces, we love being a part of the aura of your wedding reception styling. We can create the perfect touch to your reception with flowers to your style, theme, and budget. We work with your reception venue and/or event stylist/hire to ensure your wedding styling is perfect.

DID YOU KNOW? Before the modern day wedding reception where the newly weds make a grand entrance and the guests cheer and welcome them, the traditional wedding reception was a social gathering usually held at the brides parents home with light refreshments, where the bride and groom would line up at the entrance to welcome all guests as they arrived.  

Your wedding ceremony is the main event and where we think the most perfect styling should be focused. From the petals your flower girls throw, to floral creation on your wedding arbour, we ensure your wedding ceremony is exactly as you invision it, if not better. In conjuction with your event stylist, we will create the perfect blooms to match the theme of your entire day.   

DID YOU KNOW? That bridal parties originally started to ensure the brides virginity was not stolen on her journey to her wedding to be given away to her groom? The giving away of the bride was related to the tradition of arranged marriages where the father of the bride would give his daughter away (or sell) to her suitor in exchange for property or money. Thank goodness for modern times ehh? Bridal parties are celebrations with your best ladies and the giving away of the bride is more of a father handing the 'main man' duties over to her new groom.